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  • FTC One-on-one Coaching (All Levels) Azeez Olanrewaju Shoderu -
    This is not merely an online course but a private coaching session in which I personally teach any candidate the French language and prepare for the TEF Canada exam. Such candidate gets to benefit from my newly published books and even a customized curriculum suited to him or her alone and to cap it all the person gets full access to my old and new courses freely.
    0 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours French Beginner
    $999 $1599
    4 Ratings
  • English for IELTS Private Coaching Rasheedat Olufunke Yusuf -
    This class costs only ₦40,000 ($99). It is run inside the online class with a group of other students preparing for the English test together. The classes are done three (3) times a week and it is a 3 (three) weeks program. Candidates have access to our library of test materials and practice exercises. To enroll for this program, candidates will get a form of ₦1,000 only and pay the exam preparation fee afterwards. We also register candidates for the exam, and for that, form is ₦2,000 and application (offline or online) for each candidate cost ₦3,000.
    9 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours English Advanced
    $99 $199
    0 Ratings