FTC Introductory Course (All Levels)

This free French online course introduces French learning to candidates who want to take TEF Canada exam in less than 2 hours. It helps them understand the TEF Canada exam requirements and subskills tested on in line with the four basic language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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Created by Azeez Olanrewaju Shoderu Last updated Thu, 03-Aug-2023 English
What will i learn?
  • Know what to expect in the paid FTC courses
  • Get a glimpse of the TEF exam and its requirements
  • Start learning basic French expressions and greetings
  • Understand the TEF language skill levels in relation to the CLB and NCNC grades
  • Develop your own French learning agenda and begin to see the possibility
  • Make commitments to learn French and take TEF exam in few months’ time

Curriculum for this course
10 Lessons 01:42:20 Hours
Understand French for TEF Canada Applicants Course
10 Lessons 01:42:20 Hours
  • Why you have to learn French for TEF Canada test fast 00:22:19
  • French Learning Fast Exercise
  • The Formula for Learning French for TEF Canada Test 00:25:31
  • French Formula Exercise
  • Pyschological Obstacles Keeping you from Learning French 00:11:47
  • Mindset Problems Exercise
  • Pillars for Successful French Learning for TEF Canada 00:19:15
  • Pillars Exercise
  • Bonus - What is French for TEF Canada test? 00:23:28
  • Bonus lesson exercise
  • If you are in any level of the French learning for TEF Canada
  • If you want to know what to expect in the paid FTC courses
  • If you wish to understand the TEF exam requirements
  • If you want to know what is needed to learn French to conversational competence
  • If you are serious about using the TEF results to improve your CLB and Canada Express Entry points
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This course first of all welcomes the candidates by using basic French which are mostly well known by most Anglophone learners of the French language. It further introduces the sounds, words, sentences and even groups of items, places, scenarios, pictures, designs, speeches that are all used in testing the knowledge of French speakers in the TEF Canada exam. Lastly, it gives candidates a run down on what to expect in the various kinds of courses in the FTC courses; beginner, intermediate and advanced courses (which are now broken down into A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 levels) while expatiating on the skills, aptitudes and knowledge required to scale through the exam without being unnecessarily fluent in the language before taking and excelling in the exam.

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Course Creator, Language Coach, Amazon Author, Multilingual Speaker and Renowned Scholar

A.O.S (Azeez Olanrewaju Shoderu) is an online language coach, avid researcher, seasoned author, immigration expert, multilingual speaker, translator and interpreter. One of his missions is to help English speakers learn French language and take internationally recognized tests like TEF Canada, TCF and DELF-DALF.

A.O.S has helped tens of English and few Francophone speakers to learn French, take and excel in TEF Canada for over 8 years now. Preparing candidates for English tests like IELTS and TOEFL are another one of his expertise. Based on the passion he has for language learning, he has attended Alliance Franҫaise, and even taken many notable tests like IELTS, TEF Canada and DELF-DALF with CEFR Levels: C2, C1 and B2.

In terms of his linguistic acumen, he speaks six languages; English, Yoruba, French, Chinese, Igbo and Arabic to varying language competences. He also assists intending migrants to process their Visas and Immigration in order to move to, live, study and work in countries like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand among others.

He is the founder of the No. 1 Language and Linguistics Institute, A.O.S Academy, which is an online education platform that teaches English speakers foreign languages as it prepares them for exams. He is also the CEO of the A.O.S Group of Companies which are A.O.S Canada IRC.A.O.S MediaTech AgencyA.O.S Research Institute and A.O.S ePublishing Press.

Because of his vast knowledge in linguistics and his relatable approach, he is a highly sought after coach and speaker for language students. He is a Second Class Upper graduate of Linguistics from University of Ilorin and holds a Certificate of French II from the prestigious Nigerian French Language Village, Ajara, Badagry, Lagos. He has received many notable awards and recognitions such as being named as Le Maitre de la Grammaire Francaise (Master of French Grammar) in 2013 and winning the best overall student in Linguistics Department in Unilorin in 2016.

Deeply committed to research contribution and making a difference, he has assisted hundreds of students and lecturers in their project, thesis and dissertation works related to arts, culture, education, history, language, linguistics, social science, urban and regional planning, science and technology among other fields of study in universities from Nigeria, Benin Republic, France, United Kingdom and United States. He shares free migration tips, language learning ideas, research techniques & exam preparation strategies on his Institute’s YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/c/AOSAcademy

He has also written and produced more than 150 PDF documents & audio lessons, video learning programs and online courses on his own built French school: www.frenchTEFcanada.com and he shares free exam preparation tips weekly on his self-designed Institute's blogspot: www.aosacademy.com/blog

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  • Fri, 02-Oct-2020
    Azeez Shoderu
    An introductory course every French learner has to take to understand the French language and how to prepare for TEF Canada test. Lets's share it with every learner we know.
  • Wed, 03-Mar-2021
    Sodiq Mustapha
    It's totally great...I actually learnt a lot...I can't wait to get started..
  • Wed, 03-Mar-2021
    The course is one of the best introductory course ever. Keep up the good work sir.
  • Wed, 03-Mar-2021
    Eniola Ajayi
    The course is a very good start for upcoming French beginners who want to learn about the basics of the language.
  • Thu, 04-Mar-2021
    john ayobami
    A.O.S TEF preparatory class has contributed excellently to my TEF result, for the reason that I didn’t understand how TEF exam goes. But, When I started taking TEF preparatory class with A.O.S I was introduced to my areas of difficulty, I was taught how to answer TEF exam questions, also the dos and don’t in TEF exam. I abided with all tips given to me and I could say this is the reason why I have a good result in TEF Exam.
  • Fri, 30-Apr-2021
    Morufat Babawale
    I'm wowed with this. Thanks for the enlightenment
  • Fri, 07-May-2021
    Faisol Akadiri
    the lesson is well explained and informative.
  • Mon, 31-May-2021
    Adedoyin Samuel
    Incredible beginning. looking forward to learning more from other courses.
  • Wed, 23-Jun-2021
    Rasheedat Yusuf
    This course made me realize that you do not have to focus too much on not making mistakes while speaking french because i have always been trying as much not to always make mistakes but then i will still make a lot of mistakes (smiles). Also, if you take this course you will know that you need to be confident and converse with french speakers to be able to learn french fast. Actually i don't really use to like speaking french with french speakers because i use to be scared or maybe shy because of the mistake i know i would likely make and the fear of them not making jest of me, but all thanks to Mr Azeez Shoderu for this course. You've really done a great job! Kudos Monsieur Ola. straight away i am finding myself and knowing the method that will help me learn this french fast.
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